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Exhibition alert! Land of the Rising Cat

Exhibition alert! Land of the Rising Cat

A quick glance of my Twitter feed will confirm that two of my favourite things are Japan and cats! So, obviously I had to talk about Sway Gallery’s upcoming exhibition… and book launch! From 6 – 27 September you can catch a 100 purrcent cat-themed pop-up at Sway Gallery London – introducing over 200 items, … Continue reading

A quick announcement…

Hi, everyone! If you’re particularly observant you might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to take a break for a slightly longer period of time than usual. Without boring you to death, I’ll be doing research for a diploma which will be keeping me busy … Continue reading

The end of Japan?

If you think the title of this week’s blog is just a post-apocalyptic story I’m working on, you’d be very wrong. New research in Japan suggests that the population in Japan is falling at an even further rate than ever previously imagined. There are now 16.6m children under the age of 14 and this number … Continue reading

Britain’s Got Talent? : ‘Geisha’

I have a guilty confession to make. I’ve been watching Britain’s Got Talent. Usually, I avoid anything that has ‘reality TV’ written all over it and scowl when it clogs up my news feed on Twitter. However, due to a mixture of moving house and new habit of watching TV most evenings after work, I … Continue reading

Happy Golden Week!

Seeing as it’s currently Golden Week in Japan and we’ve got a bank holiday coming up in England, I thought I’d actually take a look at the significance of Golden Week in Japan. As you might have guessed, it’s more than just a typical week-long national holiday… The Golden Week is a collection of 4 … Continue reading

Kofu shout out!

Well, now that I am officially employed (hurrah!) the blog posts are definitely going to be shorter … at least for a few weeks whilst I balance it out with my ongoing eBay clearout. I’m doing something different this week! Some of you may know that I’m currently doing research for a story, set in … Continue reading

I’m back (almost)!

Wow, so it really has been a month since I last blogged. It’s been a manic few weeks so I’ve not had the time to write much, hence the lack of activity. However, the blog will be returning soon with a few small changes, as detailed below: I may no longer be able to do … Continue reading


I regret to inform you that I’m having to take a few weeks away from blogging. If you’ve been following me on Twitter at all, you might know that I’ve had a lot going on over the past few weeks; job hunting, rethinking my job hunting strategy and moving out of my flat. Long story … Continue reading

Last Message: a short film

I haven’t had the time to write this week’s post but, thanks to the perfect timing Zak Baney and Minha Kim, I have the pleasure of promoting a certain short film on my blog. I have copied the email below to introduce the film. My name is Zak Baney and I have recently shot a … Continue reading