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An exotic weekend in the London sun – Festival Asia!

An exotic weekend in the London sun – Festival Asia!

Last weekend, East London got a Far Eastern makeover! The first ever Festival Asia descended upon Tobacco Dock, showcasing everything Asia from taiko drumming to belly dancing to Indonesian street food. Even better, it was sunny! I was there on Saturday in my capacity as Japan blogger but, being someone always thinking about their next … Continue reading

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2014: The Lowdown

Finally, a Christmas-related blog post, and it’s only three days away! The HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market took place last month and, to go with the video I made a few weeks ago, here’s a low-down of some of my favourite stores I visited over the weekend. There were loads of amazing stalls and no shortage of … Continue reading

The HYPER JAPAN video is here!

I promised you a video from the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market and I delivered, despite my camera threatening to pack in on me! A lot of footage I took from the weekend was sadly unuseable due to the lens not being able to focus all the time. Also, spot the ghost hovering in the corner of … Continue reading

HYPER JAPAN photos are up!

I’m back from the HYPER JAPAN Christmas market and, as usual, had a fantastic time! Everything about the event was bigger and better and there will be a couple of proper follow-up posts and video appearing on the blog over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve uploaded my photos from the weekend over … Continue reading

Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art

Note: The pictures below are of an erotic nature and contain people having sex. Need I say more? I think it’s fair to say that, traditionally, the British are very prudish about sex and porn, but in Japan it’s all very much out in the open. This is one of the reasons why I went … Continue reading

Siro-A at Leicester Square Theatre

I’ve never taken hallucinatory drugs but I imagine it would be something like watching Siro-A’s performance, only the Siro-A performance is even better than drugs. That’s an unusual way to open a blog post… I’m very late to the Siro-A party and am pretty sure 50% of the Japan bloggers I follow have already covered … Continue reading

Back from Hyper Japan 2013!

Geisha, shamisen, cosplay, video games – HYPER JAPAN had them all and more this year and it was the best one to date! HYPER JAPAN is a three-day exhibition of Japanese culture in London, encompassing both the traditional and modern. I kept hearing the phrase “the only UK event that truly reflects today’s Japan” used to … Continue reading