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Exhibition alert! Land of the Rising Cat

Exhibition alert! Land of the Rising Cat

A quick glance of my Twitter feed will confirm that two of my favourite things are Japan and cats! So, obviously I had to talk about Sway Gallery’s upcoming exhibition… and book launch! From 6 – 27 September you can catch a 100 purrcent cat-themed pop-up at Sway Gallery London – introducing over 200 items, … Continue reading

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers’ UK tour!

Powerful, spell binding and infectious; the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers are touring the UK this spring. As the most successful touring taiko drum group on this continent, Mugenkyo have developed a spectacular passionate style with music for the soul, fusing the traditional  spirit with a contemporary look & sound, creating a modern stage performance that has captivated … Continue reading

Art competition time! Design a bumper sticker…

It’s the final blog birthday post! Well, we’re creeping into September but I did promise one more post… First, allow me to introduce you to my car (kuruma), Mitsunari. Yes, he is named after the samurai Ishida Mitsunari. Second, allow me to introduce you to the blog’s latest competition. I’d love to decorate Mitsunari with … Continue reading

Not a real post this week…

But there will be TWO posts next week to make up for it! I’ve had a lot going on recently so haven’t been able to bring you your weekly Sophie-esque post this week but I have two reminders for you in the meantime… If you haven’t already entered the birthday freebie giveaway, you’ve got until … Continue reading

A special competition announcement!

I think this is the first time I’ve posted twice in one week. Shocking! I’m posting this now so I can draw your undivided attention to this art competition I’m running. All details are in the video but I have posted the details here as well for your convenience. TO ENTER: * Draw anything you … Continue reading

Week 9: And the winner is…

The results are in and a winner has been drawn! Thank you to everyone who entered the art competition and do keep your eyes peeled as I plan to do more competitions in the later weeks. Anyway, here is the new mascot drawn by the lovely Natalie aka the-dazhrak-lady on deviantart.com! I especially liked the … Continue reading

Week 7: Competition time!

If it’s your first week coming across this blog, I’d like to direct you to this ten second quiz about a UK-Japan magazine. As you can see, I am doing some ongoing market research and it all depends on feedback! So, the competition… This is a chance for all your artists to put pen to … Continue reading