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Cosplay competition and DVDs to be won!

Do you cosplay, live in the UK and fancy winning some fantastic new anime DVDs? You’re in luck – the blog’s teamed up with the amazing guys at MVM Entertainment to offer not one, not two but THREE cosplayers the chance to win some anime DVD goodies! Here’s your chance to get your hands on MVM Entertainment’s … Continue reading

Kagemusha – a film by Akira Kurosawa

If you’re a Japanese film fan, you’ve probably watched some Akira Kurosawa films or, at the very least, heard of him. Some of his most famous films include ‘Seven Samurai’ and ‘Rashomon’ and I highly recommend you watch them both. Kurosawa was at his most prolific in the 1950s and 1960s, although his later work … Continue reading

Diary dates: anime screenings in London

Apologies for the London-centric post but, if you do happen to be in the capital over the next few weeks, there are a couple of anime screenings that you might be interested in… The Mystical Laws, Friday 23rd November – Friday 30th November Location: Odeon Panton Street (near Picadilly Circus) Source: animenewsnetwork The film’s story … Continue reading

WIN! Broken Blade with MVM Entertainment!

Do you like your mecha anime? Then you’re in luck! The blog’s teamed up with the fabulous guys at MVM Entertainment to offer one lucky winner the chance to win the complete OVA series … Broken Blade! The Time of Awakening. In Cruzon, children are born with the ability to control quartz. This power allows … Continue reading

Last Message: a short film

I haven’t had the time to write this week’s post but, thanks to the perfect timing Zak Baney and Minha Kim, I have the pleasure of promoting a certain short film on my blog. I have copied the email below to introduce the film. My name is Zak Baney and I have recently shot a … Continue reading

Week 7: Competition time!

If it’s your first week coming across this blog, I’d like to direct you to this ten second quiz about a UK-Japan magazine. As you can see, I am doing some ongoing market research and it all depends on feedback! So, the competition… This is a chance for all your artists to put pen to … Continue reading