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An exotic weekend in the London sun – Festival Asia!

An exotic weekend in the London sun – Festival Asia!

Last weekend, East London got a Far Eastern makeover! The first ever Festival Asia descended upon Tobacco Dock, showcasing everything Asia from taiko drumming to belly dancing to Indonesian street food. Even better, it was sunny! I was there on Saturday in my capacity as Japan blogger but, being someone always thinking about their next … Continue reading

Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata

September’s book of the month is an unusual one. I highly recommend this if you want to read works by some classic Japanese authors and are interested in the Japanese tea ceremony, but not if you don’t like books that have an unclear ending. I recently heard that the author ‘was not a fan of … Continue reading

The many faces of Date Masamune

Or should that title be ‘The many eyepatches of Date Masamune’? Ha ha ha! *ahem* Ever noticed how there seem to be a lot of good-looking men in Japanese TV series and video games- specifically, young handsome samurai? I came across this amusing article on Japan Probe, which tries to answer the question of why … Continue reading

Every cloud…

Or, why losing isn’t necessarily losing. If you’ve been keeping up with my ramblings on Twitter, you probably saw that I wasn’t selected for InsideJapan Tour’s Blog to Japan finals. Obviously, I was very disappointed, not only because I’d spent three odd weeks scripting and editing my video and another six hours just trying to … Continue reading

Cute fruit in Japan

Anyone who has been to Japan before will testify how amazing and, in most cases, huge the fruit is. On top of that, it’s delicious and doesn’t compare to anything bought in your local UK supermarket. This week, I’ll be showcasing some of Japan’s greatest fruits and even throwing the hiragana in. That way, if … Continue reading