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New mascot!

Say ‘hello’ to the blog’s new mascot! A massive thanks to the-dazhrak-lady, who was the winner of the blog’s first every competition way back when – the original mascot competition! Now that the blog’s two years old, I thought it was time for a change and asked her to design another and she kindly obliged! … Continue reading

Cosplay competition and DVDs to be won!

Do you cosplay, live in the UK and fancy winning some fantastic new anime DVDs? You’re in luck – the blog’s teamed up with the amazing guys at MVM Entertainment to offer not one, not two but THREE cosplayers the chance to win some anime DVD goodies! Here’s your chance to get your hands on MVM Entertainment’s … Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was very kindly nominated by Sequins and Cherry Blossom for a Versatile Blogger award! I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for anything before, so thank you very much! The rules say that, in order to qualify, I have to: Give 7 facts about myself Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award So, here … Continue reading

Hyper Japan Christmas 2012: THE VIDEO!

Have I mentioned that there’s no internet where I’m staying at the moment? This makes blogging rather difficult but hooray for Starbucks wifi! So, here it is. Short and to the point – my video of Hyper Japan 2012. I got plenty of material from the weekend that I will be blogging about over the … Continue reading

Every cloud…

Or, why losing isn’t necessarily losing. If you’ve been keeping up with my ramblings on Twitter, you probably saw that I wasn’t selected for InsideJapan Tour’s Blog to Japan finals. Obviously, I was very disappointed, not only because I’d spent three odd weeks scripting and editing my video and another six hours just trying to … Continue reading

The beautiful thing about blogging…

A lot has happened since I began blogging last year. Perhaps the most surprising thing is the amount of people I have met. Who’d have thought that sitting in front of your computer would get you doing so much? As part of the blog’s birthday celebrations, I thought I’d share some of its highlights and … Continue reading

WIN! Memoirs of a Geisha

Last week I promised on my Facebook page that if I reached 100 ‘likes’, I would run a giveaway. Within an hour my numbers jumped from 98 to 105 (not HUGE numbers but I’m still happy), so here’s your giveaway. One lucky person will get their hands on the blog’s book of the month, Memoirs … Continue reading

I’m back (almost)!

Wow, so it really has been a month since I last blogged. It’s been a manic few weeks so I’ve not had the time to write much, hence the lack of activity. However, the blog will be returning soon with a few small changes, as detailed below: I may no longer be able to do … Continue reading