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Not a real post this week…

But there will be TWO posts next week to make up for it! I’ve had a lot going on recently so haven’t been able to bring you your weekly Sophie-esque post this week but I have two reminders for you in the meantime… If you haven’t already entered the birthday freebie giveaway, you’ve got until … Continue reading

Week 20: The Top Ten Men in Anime

For those of you who are new to the blog, allow me to explain the ‘purpose’ of this week’s post. A few weeks ago I ran a poll asking readers which special feature they would next like to see and, with almost half the votes, the winner was ‘men in anime’. I’m guessing most of … Continue reading

Week 11: 10 anime you should really watch

I thought I’d do something different this week both because a good number of my readers are anime watchers and also because I’m having a very busy week and don’t have the time to do the regular features shindig. However, if you aren’t a watcher of anime, have no fear! This post is designed to … Continue reading