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Magic at the Ghibli Museum

Magic at the Ghibli Museum

If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, no trip to Tokyo is complete without a trip to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo! Studio Ghibli, which is often referred to as ‘Japan’s answer to Disney’ (although that description doesn’t do it justice), is one of the very first Japanese exports that I fell in love with. I … Continue reading

Mata ne (see you later)!

How exciting, this is my last blog post before my friend Oana and I embark on a trip around Japan! I’ve been saving up for a ‘big blow out’ holiday like this since I graduated and, when I first met Oana back in freshers’ week, we somehow knew one day we would cross the pond! This will … Continue reading

Okunoshima: Bunny Island

Rabbits are a pretty common pet to have when you’re little, but how does an island populated by more bunnies than people sound as a holiday destination? If your answer’s ‘Yes!’ then Okunoshima, a tiny island in the Hiroshima prefecture, is probably the place for you. Sadly it isn’t on our holiday itinerary this April. In Japanese … Continue reading

Miyajima Magic

It’s been a long time since I last did a Japan travel post, so I thought I’d tell you about the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited in Japan (so far): Miyajima Island. All photos were taken by yours truly, which is pretty rare for this blog! Miyajima Island is considered to be one of … Continue reading

Kofu shout out!

Well, now that I am officially employed (hurrah!) the blog posts are definitely going to be shorter … at least for a few weeks whilst I balance it out with my ongoing eBay clearout. I’m doing something different this week! Some of you may know that I’m currently doing research for a story, set in … Continue reading