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Book review: Sushi and Beyond

Book review: Sushi and Beyond

If you think you know ‘pretty much everything’ about Japanese food, and you aren’t actually a Japanese chef, you probably haven’t read Sushi and Beyond: What the Japanese know about cooking by Michael Booth. You might be familiar with your sushi, don and okonomiyaki, but what about chanko nabe, nagashi somen, sogi giri or the secret to … Continue reading

Rule Japannia?

I came across an interesting Japan-related article in The Times last week at work, so, naturally, I thought I’d blog about it! Japan has taken inspiration from a rather unlikely British former politician, Tony Blair, in its latest attempt to promote Japanese pop culture around the world. The Cool Japan Fund has been founded to … Continue reading

One month ’til Hyper Japan!

One of the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture will be hitting London again next month Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July, so I thought I’d do a round-up of what’s going on and tempt a few more of you to go along! Whether you’re into Japanese food, music, anime, cosplay or martial arts, there’s … Continue reading

The best ramen in London?

Fellow foodies, I might have found the best ramen joint in London – Shoryu Ramen! This might sound like an incredibly bold claim considering that there are very few ramen-only restaurants in London (I only know of 3) but I promise that you won’t be disappointed if you stop by this new restaurant on Regent … Continue reading

Calling all writers/aritsts!

Do you have something to say about Japan? Perhaps you are a Japan blogger, a novelist or an artist? Whoever you are, Sophie’s Japan Blog wants you! I’d love to see some varied content on the blog over the next few months. There’s plenty I don’t write about on Japan and, with my super new … Continue reading

Delicious sushi at Umezushi

This Manchester-based restaurant has only been open for four odd weeks and, right off the bat, it’s getting two thumbs up from me (and a blog review). A few Japanese restaurants have popped up around the city centre and Umezushi is in the top band. It feels authentic, the chefs are experimental with their menu … Continue reading

Sushi-making class at Samsi!

Welcome to Samsi! It’s about time I told you about my favourite Japanese restaurant and last week presented a perfect opportunity. I took advantage of a Living Social deal with my boyfriend for a £25 sushi-making class at the Samsi restaurant in Wilmslow and the experts showed us ‘how to roll’. As it turns out, … Continue reading

Sushi Awards 2012 @ Hyper Japan

At last, an article dedicated to the delicious going-ons at Hyper Japan! This would have come sooner if I had not taken a break from blogging but better late than never. Rather than write a general piece on the whole weekend event, I decided to run through the nominees for this year’s Sushi Awards. The … Continue reading