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Take me to… the Shingen-Ko Festival!

Take me to… the Shingen-Ko Festival!

The samurai is a subject of Japanese history that continues to fascinate me, and the mere mention of doing something or going somewhere with a samurai connection will inevitably get me excited. In 2015, my friend and I ventured to Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture largely to sate my obsession with Date Masamune (I blame … Continue reading

Shingen-ko Matsuri

Kofu is at the top of my ‘to visit’ list next time I’m in Japan, which will hopefully be next year! With any luck I’ll be able to coincide a stop to this city in Yamanashi Prefecture with the fantastic-looking Shingen-ko Matsuri. The festival The Shingen-ko Matsuri is held in Kofu in early April, and … Continue reading

Kofu shout out!

Well, now that I am officially employed (hurrah!) the blog posts are definitely going to be shorter … at least for a few weeks whilst I balance it out with my ongoing eBay clearout. I’m doing something different this week! Some of you may know that I’m currently doing research for a story, set in … Continue reading