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Diary date: MCM London Comic Con

Diary date: MCM London Comic Con

If you’ve not yet decided how to spend your Halloween weekend, you might want to get your tickets to MCM London Comic Con – coming to the ExCeL London on 28-30 October! If you follow this blog, the chances are you’ll know very well what MCM is but, for those who don’t, it’s essentially one … Continue reading

Butterflies and dresses: Red Garden

Due to my not having any internet for the last two weeks, Aisha has kindly stepped up to the challenge to bring you this week’s post. Enjoy her review of ‘Red Garden’, a new release from MVM Entertainment. ‘Red Garden’ brings back a lot of memories for me, it is a Japanese anime produced by … Continue reading


When I first heard that a manga about the life of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, had been published in Japan, I was rather surprised and thought ‘erm… why’? Then again, the Japanese love their technology (just take a stroll down Akihabara) and it seems inevitable that most popular things get the manga treatment eventually, from … Continue reading

Week 21: Snow, dragons and nostalgia

It’s a bit of a miracle I managed to post on time this week. I’ve had three job interviews to prepare for so was very busy with those. On top of that, what normally would have been a direct 2 hour trip back to Manchester turned into a four hour detour through Milton Keynes. However, … Continue reading

A special competition announcement!

I think this is the first time I’ve posted twice in one week. Shocking! I’m posting this now so I can draw your undivided attention to this art competition I’m running. All details are in the video but I have posted the details here as well for your convenience. TO ENTER: * Draw anything you … Continue reading