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Get in the damn Shinkansen!

Get in the damn Shinkansen!

One of Japan’s most iconic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, celebrated in 20th anniversary in 2015. Naturally, Japan had something pretty ace planned – a Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinkansen (bullet train)! Why? The Sanyou Shinkansen was also celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015. Not that we need much of an excuse. Until March 2017, the 500 … Continue reading

New favourite shop: The Japanese Gallery

London really likes tempting me to spend my money, and I recently discovered a lovely little shop in Angel that might push me over the edge. The Japanese Gallery is tucked away in Camden Passage, close to Angel tube station, and there really is something for everyone’s budget. The gallery is a specialist in Japanese … Continue reading

Classic anime: Vampire Princess Miyu

The best way to sum up Vampire Princess Miyu for me would be ‘Sailor Moon meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘. The premise of this vintage 1997 series is deceptive; Miyu is The Guardian, vampire trapped in a 15-year-old girl’s body, goes to high school in Japan, and is tasked with returning evil demons, shinma, to … Continue reading

Week 11: 10 anime you should really watch

I thought I’d do something different this week both because a good number of my readers are anime watchers and also because I’m having a very busy week and don’t have the time to do the regular features shindig. However, if you aren’t a watcher of anime, have no fear! This post is designed to … Continue reading