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Mata ne (see you later)!

How exciting, this is my last blog post before my friend Oana and I embark on a trip around Japan! I’ve been saving up for a ‘big blow out’ holiday like this since I graduated and, when I first met Oana back in freshers’ week, we somehow knew one day we would cross the pond! This will … Continue reading

We’re going to Japan!

It’s true! The flights and (most of) the hotels are booked. I’ll be heading to Japan with my wonderful uni friend Oana at the end of March next year, so you can expect lots of blog content post-trip next year. In the meantime, I thought I’d turn to the internet for a bit of travel … Continue reading

Week 10: Recommendation Week!

I thought that it might be nice to refer readers to some of the Japanese organisations and people that have been following me on Twitter and vice versa by mentioning them in this week’s features! Incidentally, if you have Twitter and want to follow me, please do! News Story of the Week: 15 Japanese restaurants … Continue reading