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Ode to an OBJECTION!

There are two series I’m currently addicted to: Game of Thrones and Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban in Japanese). As only one of these series is Japanese, and I’m very overdue in writing a review, I’m going to tell you what’s so fantastic about the latest instalment of the Ace Attorney video game series – Ace … Continue reading

Results! The Top Ten Ace Attorney tunes

The results are in for the latest video game music poll! For those of you who don’t know, Ace Attorney (or Gyakuten Saiban, in Japanese) is a video game series for the Nintendo DS about… well, lawyers. And yet it works so well. If I ever had to introduce someone to the Nintendo DS, I’d … Continue reading

OBJECTION! Vote on the Top Ten Ace Attorney tunes!

Name your Top Ten Tunes tunes from the Ace Attorney games! In celebration of the latest trailer released for the latest Gyakuten Saiban (otherwise known as Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright in the west) video game, it’s time for another Top Ten tunes poll! This one is dedicated to Gyakuten Saiban, a marvellous Nintendo DS series from … Continue reading

Not a real post this week…

But there will be TWO posts next week to make up for it! I’ve had a lot going on recently so haven’t been able to bring you your weekly Sophie-esque post this week but I have two reminders for you in the meantime… If you haven’t already entered the birthday freebie giveaway, you’ve got until … Continue reading

You should be playing … Another Code: Two Memories

Source: wikipedia.com If you’re a fan of point-and-click video games like Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, there’s another game you should add to your collection. Another Code: Two Memories, is a brainchild of Cing, a no-longer existent company responsible for games such as Hotel Dusk: 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (otherwise … Continue reading

Week 16: Merry Christmas!

I think I’ve avoided mentioning Christmas on this blog so far but, seeing as it really is just two days away, let’s jump in! Just three points to make: There are a couple of Christmas crackers in this week’s blog and some treats for the New Year too! The FAQ competition video is now up … Continue reading