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Take me to… the Shingen-Ko Festival!

Take me to… the Shingen-Ko Festival!

The samurai is a subject of Japanese history that continues to fascinate me, and the mere mention of doing something or going somewhere with a samurai connection will inevitably get me excited. In 2015, my friend and I ventured to Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture largely to sate my obsession with Date Masamune (I blame … Continue reading

Uzumasa Limelight: A must-watch

We may still be in April, but we have a contender for the blog’s best film of 2016! Third Window’s latest release is the critically-acclaimed Uzumasa Limelight and I don’t see how anyone can watch this and not enjoy it immensely. The film (directed by Ken Ochiai, 2014) is set in Uzumasa, an Edo-era town in Kyoto … Continue reading

Kuli-Kala musical theatre review

In case you managed to miss the buzz about it, Japanese samurai-meets-theatre-meets-musical spectacular – Kuli Kala, Revenge of the Samurai – is showing for this week only at the Stratford Circus theatre in East London. The last performance is the evening of Saturday 28 November, so there’s still time to get your tickets! Those of you … Continue reading

WIN 2 tickets to Kuli Kala, Revenge of the Samurai!

It’s competition time again! Here’s your chance to win two tickets to the theatre performance of Kuli Kala, Revenge of the Samurai – coming to London’s Stratford Circus Art Centre 24-28 November! It’s got samurai, ninja and awesome fight scenes. Need I say more? An evil Shogun, sword fighting Ninjas, and a Samurai bent on … Continue reading

Osaka Castle: A Game of Thrones comparison

Osaka Castle: A Game of Thrones comparison

I know, I know, how can I possibly link a castle in Japan and Game of Thrones together? Well, they both have a pretty bloody and violent history – and some of the fictional characters have a couple of things in common with the real-life fictional ones. Let’s talk about the awesome Osaka Castle first… … Continue reading

Samurai feast at Sengoku Buyuuden Cafe!

Samurai feast at Sengoku Buyuuden Cafe!

Apparently, I am so obsessed with samurai that I will literally travel to the other side of the world to visit the Sengoku Buyuuden cafe, a samurai themed cafe in Tokyo. The Sengoku era, otherwise known as the ‘warring states’ period thanks to the samurai warlords who were constantly fighting for land and power, is one of the … Continue reading

WIN Hakuouki seasons 1, 2 and 3!

It’s my birthday this week and you know what that means – competition time! This one’s the best one yet and comes courtesy of the fantastic guys at MVM Entertainment, who’ve licensed one of my all-time favourite anime series, ‘Hakuoki’. Up for grabs is not only the first season, but the second (‘Hakuoki Hekketsuroku’) and … Continue reading

The many faces of Date Masamune

Or should that title be ‘The many eyepatches of Date Masamune’? Ha ha ha! *ahem* Ever noticed how there seem to be a lot of good-looking men in Japanese TV series and video games- specifically, young handsome samurai? I came across this amusing article on Japan Probe, which tries to answer the question of why … Continue reading