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Sendai gyutan: 100% deliciousness

Sendai gyutan: 100% deliciousness

I’m not exaggerating – out of all the delicious food Oana and I tried in Japan, gyutan is right up there with okonomiyaki. Gyutan aka ‘beef tongue’ is a Sendai delicacy and, while some Brits might be a bit put off by the idea, it is the most delicious and tender meat. The Japanese really do know … Continue reading

One day in Sendai: The Date Masamune trail

One day in Sendai: The Date Masamune trail

“Why are you in Sendai?” a slightly confused-looking businessman asked me and Oana as we stood huddled an umbrella waiting to get a table in a little izakaya. Most people think of Tokyo and Kyoto when they’re planning their Japan holiday, so what on earth were two English girls who spoke only passable Japanese at best … Continue reading

Mata ne (see you later)!

How exciting, this is my last blog post before my friend Oana and I embark on a trip around Japan! I’ve been saving up for a ‘big blow out’ holiday like this since I graduated and, when I first met Oana back in freshers’ week, we somehow knew one day we would cross the pond! This will … Continue reading

We’re going to Japan!

It’s true! The flights and (most of) the hotels are booked. I’ll be heading to Japan with my wonderful uni friend Oana at the end of March next year, so you can expect lots of blog content post-trip next year. In the meantime, I thought I’d turn to the internet for a bit of travel … Continue reading

The end of Japan?

If you think the title of this week’s blog is just a post-apocalyptic story I’m working on, you’d be very wrong. New research in Japan suggests that the population in Japan is falling at an even further rate than ever previously imagined. There are now 16.6m children under the age of 14 and this number … Continue reading

Week 16: Merry Christmas!

I think I’ve avoided mentioning Christmas on this blog so far but, seeing as it really is just two days away, let’s jump in! Just three points to make: There are a couple of Christmas crackers in this week’s blog and some treats for the New Year too! The FAQ competition video is now up … Continue reading

Week 6: Date Masamune week!

Oh, you really should have seen this one coming. If you know me well enough, you will probably know that I have a not-so-secret historical obsession with a certain one-eyed samurai from Japanese history. As such, I decided to commemorate this by dedicating week 6 to Date Masamune. Why the number 6? You’ll find out … Continue reading