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Portugal and Japan: a historical love story

I’ve just come back from a very relaxing holiday in sunny Portugal which actually has quite an interesting history with Japan. Whilst I get my knowledge mainly from books, I did a little reading around and thought I’d do a history geek post this week. So, here is a beginner’s guide to Portugal and Japan. … Continue reading

Week 18: Resolutions

I have three New Year’s Resolutions this year: be more assertive, write a novel (not the one I was working on last year – it kind of fell through) and take a trip around Japan. Hopefully yours are less vague and/or more realistic! Of course, I also plan to continue with this blog for a … Continue reading

Week 17: Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas? Eat too much? Drink too much? Watch TV too much? Play charades too much? Tis the season, so this week’s blog is all about New Year!  ALSO – If you’re an artist, please check out this competition and spread the word! News Story of the Week: Japan’s kanji character of 2011 … Continue reading

Week 16: Merry Christmas!

I think I’ve avoided mentioning Christmas on this blog so far but, seeing as it really is just two days away, let’s jump in! Just three points to make: There are a couple of Christmas crackers in this week’s blog and some treats for the New Year too! The FAQ competition video is now up … Continue reading

Week 9: And the winner is…

The results are in and a winner has been drawn! Thank you to everyone who entered the art competition and do keep your eyes peeled as I plan to do more competitions in the later weeks. Anyway, here is the new mascot drawn by the lovely Natalie aka the-dazhrak-lady on deviantart.com! I especially liked the … Continue reading

Week 8: Art competition still open!

This week’s blog will be a bit shorter than usual as I’ve had a rather unexpectedly exciting week! I’m going to be in London for a couple of months for work, so I’ve been having to get ready for that. Don’t worry though, this blog is still my pride and joy and will not be … Continue reading

Week 6: Date Masamune week!

Oh, you really should have seen this one coming. If you know me well enough, you will probably know that I have a not-so-secret historical obsession with a certain one-eyed samurai from Japanese history. As such, I decided to commemorate this by dedicating week 6 to Date Masamune. Why the number 6? You’ll find out … Continue reading

Week 5

If you’re in London next Friday, you may want to glam it up in Soho and take part in Kitacon 3.5! If you don’t already know, Kitacon is an annual anime and manga convention run in the UK, and will be hosting its fourth convention 13-15 April 2012. Kitacon 3.5 is the halfway event, of … Continue reading