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Time and Eternity: guest review

This week’s post comes from the fabulous AIsha from the Anime UK Show! If you haven’t already, I suggest you subscribe to the show’s podcasts as they’re perfect listening for anime and video game fans. With that, enjoy Aisha’s review of the J-RPG ‘Time and Eternity’ for the PS3! ‘Time and Eternity’ begins in Kamza, … Continue reading

OBJECTION! Vote on the Top Ten Ace Attorney tunes!

Name your Top Ten Tunes tunes from the Ace Attorney games! In celebration of the latest trailer released for the latest Gyakuten Saiban (otherwise known as Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright in the west) video game, it’s time for another Top Ten tunes poll! This one is dedicated to Gyakuten Saiban, a marvellous Nintendo DS series from … Continue reading

Help make an MCM Midlands Comic Con video!

If you’re a regular MCM expo attendee, you might already have planned to go to the Midlands Comic Con, which is held at the Telford International Centre on Saturday 16 February. If not, here are a couple of highlights to tempt you: The scavenger hunt! Not much has been revealed about this yet, but if you’re … Continue reading

Calling all writers/aritsts!

Do you have something to say about Japan? Perhaps you are a Japan blogger, a novelist or an artist? Whoever you are, Sophie’s Japan Blog wants you! I’d love to see some varied content on the blog over the next few months. There’s plenty I don’t write about on Japan and, with my super new … Continue reading

You should be playing … Another Code: Two Memories

Source: wikipedia.com If you’re a fan of point-and-click video games like Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, there’s another game you should add to your collection. Another Code: Two Memories, is a brainchild of Cing, a no-longer existent company responsible for games such as Hotel Dusk: 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (otherwise … Continue reading